Why farm with Wonderful pomegranates in the Little Karoo, South Africa?

● The climate is perfect: hot summers, cold winters. The average rainfall per annum is 220mm. It is an arid area with salient soil which contributes to the darker and sweeter fruit for which this region is known.
● The night temperature begins to drop significantly at the end of March, which contributes to the beautiful, dark red colour of the pomegranates farmed here.
● The Wonderful cultivar accounts for 68% of the export pomegranates from South Africa, according to a survey by Pomasa in 2012.
● Of the approximate 1000ha of SA pomegranate plantings, 56% is Wonderful variety.
● Wonderful accounts for 85% of the local market.
● The health benefits of the Wonderful cultivar have been featured in promising scientific research. Details of the published studies can be found at www.wonderfulpomegranateresearch.com.

Harvest season at Celebratio

● Harvest season is mid-March to the end of April
● Preparation starts shortly after the harvest when the trees are cleared of any late pomegranates
● In winter the trees are pruned
● The trees start blossoming late September. The trees are self-pollinating.
● This female blossom will transform into a fruit and it is therefore important to also remove the excess fruit set and blossoms in order to enhance size.
● In December the trees are tied up to support the branches after fruit set.
● Trees are fertilised constantly from September to February.
● Weed and pest control are also done regularly throughout the year.
● Hot, sunny days ripen the inside of the fruit while the cool nights cause the rind to deepen from green to red